The Zither Heaven Ukulele 4 string Banjo, commonly known as the banjolele, provides that great banjo sound while being played like a ukulele. The precise action and proper placement of the bridge enables chords to be played at the bottom of the neck as well as the top of the neck without losing its tune. The ukulele banjo features an 18-inch vibrating string length with an overall length of 25 inches. Using sustainable native North American hardwoods, the neck is made of solid hard maple with nylon frets and nylon strings. The open-back body is made of solid maple with a Baltic birch skin. Zither pins are used for the tuning keys. From the beginner to the experienced musician, anyone who picks up one of these instruments can make a great sound right away. The ukulele banjo includes a tuning wrench, pick, and song booklet.

Product Features

  • Ages: 6 years and up 4 string
  • Material: Sustainable native North American solid cherry, maple, and Baltic birch
  • 24 3/8″ x 7 3/4″ x 1 3/4″
  • UKB4CM – BK