This listing is for the Zaphir Chime of your choice. We also offer sets of 5 Zaphir Chimes, with or without a stand.

PLEASE NOTE: You can put Zaphir Chimes outside, BUT the tube is made of pressed recycled cardboard and will be destroyed by rain and other precipitation. Mold and other decay will happen to it. These chimes are made for indoor use primarily. They create lovely meditative sounds but are not made to swing outside.

The Zaphir Chime Company began as Shanti Design over 25 years ago. The creators of the chimes, S. Maeijer and J. Kolkmeijer, started working on chimes in 1992, and since then have been focusing on developing new materials and different tunings so as to create fresh sounding chimes.

Zaphir uses as many natural materials as possible to respect our shared planet: The resonance tube of the wind chime, made of cardboard, is enhanced by a protective varnish coating. The inside is protected by a layer of paint, to protect the chime against weather and dirt. The wooden disc is protected by wax. All these protectants are organic and green-approved.

The craftspeople of these chimes play an integral role in their creation as each chime is tuned by hand, so as to ensure that they all have a rich, melodious and circular flow.

The dimensions and tuning of Zaphir Chimes coincide with the natural principles related to the Golden Ratio. Zaphir Chimes are used for relaxation, in perinatal care, in sound-therapy-massage, meditation, Feng Shui and in educational work.

Total Chime Length: 14.5″
Chime Length: 5″
Chime Diameter: 2.5″

Chimefornia Stand Measurements (Optional):
Width of Top: 23″
Width of Base: 24.5″
Height: 23.5″
Depth of Feet: 12″

PLEASE NOTE: The stand holds four of the five chimes in a set. This way, you can have 4 resting while you play one, or you can pick the 4 that you are feeling that day.

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