Welcome to Sound of Asia! We are a musical instrument company based in Los Angeles, California. We specialized in Asian musical instruments. Here you will find all you need on Asian zither instruments including the Guzheng, the Guqin, the Koto, the Kayagum, and the Dan Tranh. We also carry other Asian instruments such as erhu, pipa, shamisen, dan bau and Korean drums. We offer Asian instruments, accessories and learning materials such as texbooks, CDs, and Videos. We work closely with the instrument makers to best fulfill your need. All our instruments are directly from the makers that you will find them 50%-70% off the market prices.

Product Features

  • Brand New 21-stringed Guzheng Chinese zither String Set. The brand is Yuesheng made by Yuesheng Musical Instrument Company of Shanghai. This set is designe by Professor Hu Zuting of Shanghai Music Conservatory. This purple type of string sounds sweet and warm, and it’s elastic to bend. If you like harder and stronger string, please check out the Red package style in our Ebay Store. All strings used German Roslau music wire, the best strings in the music industry.
  • Yuesheng Strings are known to offer the most variety and finest quality strings in guzheng industry. This guzheng string set includes string 1-21.