☆ Inspire Kids’ Interests to Music
The musical instruments includes various tools with different playing methods, sounds, which will greatly inspire kids’ interests to music.

☆ Practice Hearing, Distinguish Between Different Sounds and Tones.
When playing the Wooden xylophone, baby can hear 8 different tones. This helps them to distinguish between these sounds and tones.

☆ Develop Baby’s Coordination of Hands and Eyes.
It can practice children’s hands and eye coordination by playing with Tambourine, Hand Bells, Wooden Guiro, etc, this is very good to train baby’s coordination of hands and eyes.

☆ Establish Good Parent-child Relationship
The musical instruments are good toy set for family group play. Parents and children can play together, which makes the kids greatly feel the love from parents.

Please Note:

1. When playing, please be accompanied by adults. It will be much safe to avoid kids using Mallets, wooden guiro to hurt themselves in eyes or face.

2. The tambourine is made of special artificial parchment. Kids can play it by clapping with hands. Please not use other strikers, which may break the tambourine.

3. The toys set is suitable for kids over 3 years old. Babies who are under 3 years old need to be accompanied by adults, which will be much safe.

Package Includes:

1. Egg Shakers x 2
2. Hand Bells x 2
3. Mallets x 2
4. Maracas x 2
5. Rainbow Bell Stick
6. Wooden Xylophone
7. Tambourine
8. Wooden Guiro

Product Features

  • Toys of Much Fun. The musical instruments set includes various colorful tools, like Wooden Xylophone, hand bell, Tambourine, wooden guiro, etc. Which brings much fun for kids.
  • Safe and Reliable. The 8Pcs Kids musical instruments toy set are all made of nontoxic material. Parents can buy for children with no worry.
  • With Carrying Bag. The zippered storage bag is very convenient for clean up and storage, you will no need to worry that your baby scatters the toys everywhere.
  • Cultivate Creativity and Develop Interests. The musical instruments provide a wide range of beautiful sounds, which is very helpful to develop kids interests to music and sounds, improve hand and eye coordination.
  • Good for Kids Over 3 Years Old. This musical instruments are perfect for preschool education, and suitable for both individual and group play.