Continuing on the success of the highly acclaimed Yamaha Stage Custom series comes the new Stage Custom Birch shell pack (redesigned for 2014). Already considered to be among the best drum sets in its class, the new generation Stage Custom Birch has received several significant upgrades. Yamaha upgraded the shells with the same thicker ply concept used on Live Custom and rounded the bearing edges for more head to shell contact, which provides a fatter sound. Additionally, the shells contain the Absolute-style lug (typically found on Yamaha’s higher-end kits), die-cast claws and new bass drum spurs, a ten-lug snare drum, a beautiful badge, new tom depths, and a brand new Pure White color option. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch shell pack provides high end Yamaha quality at a great value. 5-pc shell set includes: 20” x 17” kick, 10” x 7” tom, 12” x 8” tom, 14” x 13” floor tom, 14” x 5.5” snare, and TH-945B double-tom holder.

Product Features

  • Included Drums: 22×17 kick, 10×7 rack tom, 12×8 rack tom, 16×15 floor tom, 14×5.5 snare
  • Included Hardware: TH-945B 3-hole receiver with (2) YESS tom mounts, (3) floor tom legs
  • 100% birch drum shells with air seal system
  • 45-Degree bearing edges and Absolute-style lugs
  • No cymbals, stands, or kick pedal, or throne included