The Yamaha Stage Custom drum set is affordable enough for the student, but it’s made with the same quality and care that all of their drum sets receive. The shells are made from 6 plies of 100% birch, a classic wood choice in drum sets throughout history. This 5-piece shell pack contains large drums to easily handle almost any rock music you want to throw at it, as well as a really beefy bass drum to really bring the boom. Plus you get a matching snare drum! The toms are mounted via the YESS system which helps eliminate potential dampening that happens when hardware is drilled directly into the shell. This helps give the toms more volume and resonance. Die-cast claw hooks hold the hoops on the bass drum, fitted with rubber insertion plates to reduce any noise. Ball mounts on the toms make them incredibly easy to position exactly where you want them. Remo heads are included with this shell pack, along with a complete set of hardware so you can start playing even faster! This set includes: One Bass Pedal, One Hi Hat Stand, One Snare Drum Stand, Two Boom Cymbal Stands.

Product Features

  • 5-Piece Raven Black Shell Pack with HW 680W Hardware Pack
  • High Quality and Affordable
  • 6 Plies of 100% Birch
  • YESS Tom Mounting System
  • Die-Cast Bass Claw Hooks