The versatile Yamaha PSR-E343 portable arranger keyboard proves that you don’t need a complete studio to write music. Fully loaded with exceptional songwriting tools and packed with amazing instrument sounds, the Yamaha PSR-E343 provides you with everything you need to sit down, start playing, and let the ideas come to life effortlessly. It all starts with the PSR-E343’s 550 incredible instrument sounds, covering pianos, organs, strings, brass, synths, and much more. Load up a Style from the extensive Style library, and an infinitely flexible virtual backing band fills in naturally around the notes you’re playing. There’s also a Melody Suppressor that lets you play along with your favorite songs. Keep reading to find out more about the fun and inspiring Yamaha PSR-E343 portable arranger keyboard.

The Yamaha PSR-E343 portable arranger’s incredible Style function provides you with intelligent backing tracks that follow along with notes you play. Loaded with 136 Style varieties, the Yamaha PSR-E343 gives you the freedom to play any kind of music you like with full accompaniment. A built-in 2-track recorder lets you record your musical creations to share with others.

Great instrument sounds lead to creative new song ideas. That’s why Yamaha loaded up their PSR-E343 portable arranger keyboard with a ton of amazing high-quality voices. In all, you get a total of 550 amazing instrument sounds plus a super-realistic grand piano you can call up anytime with just the push of a button. The PSR-E343 also gives you access to 136 accompaniment styles and 102 preset songs. The new Melody Suppressor function takes you favorite songs and lets you play along with them just like a karaoke track.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and fully loaded portable arranger keyboard that makes songwriting and improvisation a blast
  • 61 organ-style keys provide you with enough resistance to comfortably play piano parts and fast enough response for brass and synth instrument sounds
  • 550 high-quality voices
  • 136 Style varieties provide intelligent backing tracks that follow the notes you play
  • 150 arpeggio patterns allow you to quickly and easily create complex musical patterns