This Yamaha Silent Brass PM1X pickup mute is made of lightweight plastic with a unique rubber sealer to hold it securely in the bell. When used with the Silent Brass System Module, it has none of the stuffy restricted feeling of a conventional practice mute. Play high or low, loud or soft, and your pitch will remain true and centered. A special microphone inside the mute relays your sound to the Personal Studio. This is a mute only – the Silent Brass module is not included.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Silent Brass models do not protrude from the instrument’s bell as far as the previous models, contributing to improved balance when playing
  • Adjustable Pitch and Playing Feel
  • Not only can the player adjust the mute to fit different bell sizes and match his or her own pitch and playing feel preferences, this capability allows the same tuba mute to be used with Bb, C, Eb, and F horns.
  • Disassemble to Compact Size