(Re)discover the joy of making music! Yamaha introduces a new model of Pianica designed specifically for mature players, with a simple streamlined appearance and a warm, mellow sound with outstanding tuning and stability. The lower body is made from Ecodear plastic, which combines with advanced engineering in the valves to produce a richer tone than other melodic-type instruments. Featuring a full 3 octave range and a Soft-Sided carrying bag, This Pianica makes it easy for new or returning players to start or continue their journey into the world of music.

Product Features

  • Rich, warm tone: The sound has amazing Body and depth, thanks in part to the advanced internal design and Ecodear plant-based resin components
  • Refined colors: the sophisticated look and clean lines are complemented by your choice of a muted black or brown body color
  • Simple design: The pianica is an enjoyable, stress-free way to experience the joy of making music