The YX-500F Concert Xylophone has Acoustalon bars and a 3-1/2 octave (F45-C88) range. It comes with two-position resonator slots and features new bar sizes for consistent tone quality throughout the range of the instrument. A gas shock height adjustment frame allows easy, effortless adjustment by the player. Includes a cover and a foldable frame for transport and easy set up.Acoustalon bars are produced from fiberglass reinforced plastic in a one-step manufacturing process to provide exceptional durability and a pure tone similar to rosewood. The scientifically designed Sonic Tone Holes produced in this process give Acoustalon bars a pure tone similar to rosewood.Yamaha 500 Series Xylophones promote larger sound and brighter projection. They are designed to meet the needs of percussionists of all levels.

Product Features

  • 3A 1/2 octave (F45-C88) rangeAcoustalon bar material has remarkable durability and uncanny wood-like toneHeight Adjustment promotes proper playing technique and comfort.Oversized, 4″ casters allow for easy transport. Two casters lock for stability during play.Black vinyl cover with laminated nylon no-scratch tricot lining