The color keys of this music toy xylophone for children make it easy to learn.
Additionally, you receive a color-coded sheet music e-Book, written according to the color of the keys of this musical toy xylophone. to play.
The bars are backward! To play the xylophone, make sure that the big keys are on the left.
ATTENTION: The letter-coded cards with kids songs for the 8-note xylophone come with the xylophone, but the color-coded e-Book comes by email.

Product Features

  • 🌈 Sturdy well and always tuned rainbow xylophone for children with a wooden stand
  • 🎶 12 letter-coded cards with xylophone sheet music that includes 22 children songs
  • This kid’s xylophone with sheet music makes it easy to play for anybody who can’t read music
  • 🎹 The oval xylophone for children comes with just one wooden mallet.This xylophone for beginners is a sturdy and never out-of-tune musical percussion instrument for children.
  • 🎼 This metal toy percussion instrument xylophone has 8 notes diatonic scale in the key of C