For good sound, it is necessary to learn to freely hold the mallets and to strike the keys of the xylophone lightly, aiming for the center of each key.
This percussion musical instrument develops not only the ears, but also gross and fine motor skills.
This kids glockenspiel offers a wider range of notes and delivers a pleasing and wondrous playing experience. The sheet music Cards and e-Book especially for xylophone help beginners to play.
ATTENTION: The e-BOOK comes by email.

Product Features

  • 🎶 This chromatic xylophone glockenspiel has 25 metal keys. The first row has 15 notes with 2 full octaves. They correspond to the piano’s white keys, while the upper row to the black keys.
  • 🎼 These precision-tuned metal keys on the xylophone represent flat and sharp notes. With them, it is possible to play any melody on this xylophone, from simple to complex.
  • 🎹The lower row consists of color keys, which help kids to learn and remember any melody quickly. The xylophone case has 3 small legs.
  • 🌈 You’ll receive 12 COLOR CARDS with 23 LETTER-CODED Music Sheets with Kids Songs and Melodies adapted especially for your Glockenspiel. Using the cards doesn’t require any musical knowledge.
  • 🖨️ Additionally, you will receive an E-BOOK with 15 COLOR-CODED children songs corresponding to this Xylophone’s bar colors, so you can play the xylophone in a letter-coded or color coded manner.