The World Music Drumming curriculum is a critically acclaimed 30-lesson instructional program designed for middle school general music classes. It can also be used for after-school or community drumming programs. It brings the enjoyment and excitement of music participation to students while building important life skills such as communication, listening, teamwork, discipline, and respect for others. World Music Drumming also fosters community awareness and an appreciation of cultural diversity through its focus on world music. This package includes: three 10″ tunable tubanos; five 12″ tunable tubanos; three 14″ tunable tubanos; one 12″ djembe; two talking drums with mallets; two 16″ pretuned hand drums; two sets of bongos; six Senor Kelly shakers; two guiros with strikers; two pairs of claves; two pairs of maracas; one medium gankogui with striker; one large gankogui with striker; two shekere rattles; two cowbells; one standing ngoma (designed to be the teacher’s or leader’s drum); and one World Music Drumming classroom kit (video, teacher’s manual, and student enrichment book).

Product Features

  • Developed by Remo to complement Dr. Will Schmid’s World Music Drumming curriculum.
  • Features attractive, durable, easy-to-play instruments.
  • The tunable tubanos in this package allow you to adjust the pitch of the drums as desired.
  • Note that this package also includes the standing ngoma drum for the teacher or leader.
  • Drum colors may vary.