About the product:
Simple in design, these egg shakers can produce a myriad of sounds. Cup one in the palm of one hand and use one in the finger tips of your other and you get two distinct sounds that complement each other. Cup in one hand with fingers closed around the egg for beats one and two then open your fingers for beats three and four to get two totally different sounds for a unique shake rhythm!

They are very useful for reducing stress for older adults, young mothers, and children with learning challenges. And music accomplishment builds creative thinking and self-confidence.
The item is a set of 4 pieces simple and funny percussion musical egg maracas shakers kids toys, which are mainly made of durable hardwood material, and will give little ones hours of fun and encourage toddlers musical activities.
A great gift for children to learn in the classroom or to play recreationally.
The size is perfect for children to hold comfortably, allowing them to create interesting and exciting rhythms.
100% brand new and high quality wood percussion musical egg maracas egg shakers child kids toys
Material: durable wood.
Size: about 6*4cm
Wooden eggs measure: 2.36in x 1.57in ( L x W )

Package include:
4 x Egg Maracas Shakers

Product Features

  • Wooden eggs are made of natural solid hardwood, the sound is a little bit smaller than plastic eggs.
  • Relaxing, Calming Sound Helps with Stress in Children, New Moms or Anyone. Useful in Music Therapy.
  • Egg shaker with smooth, safe and non-toxic finish ensuring the avoidance of plastic as well as splinters, uncomfortable hand feeling.
  • It has very many uses: sing-alongs at home, by the campfire, playing in the car without distracting the driver, fun family music night, fun gift for children and baby showers, teaching basic rhythms and introducing children to music, etc.
  • Package of 4 Wooden Eggs Shakers.Play along with your favourite tunes or just shake your own fun rhythm.