This practice bagpipe chanter bundle is perfect for any player from the absolute beginner through to the experienced player. The chanter is manufactured by Craig Munro of Wallace Bagpipes and Red Hot Chilli Pipers fame. He is a grade 1 piper, so you can be sure his instruments are of the highest quality. The tutor book is recommended by bagpipe tutors the world over. It has been in production for over 60 years. This is the latest version released in 2017 and includes a link to online tutorials that will compliment your learning The reeds are quality Scottish reeds that are tested and matched to your chanter prior to shipment to ensure out the package enjoyable playing The breathable carry case provides compact lightweight way to carry your chanter and importantly is designed to allow you chanter to breath and dry out after use to avoid nasty germs from breading inside a damp chanter For all learners out here this is the complete package to start your bagpipe journey. You’ll be playing the theme tune to Outlander in no time This bundle is brought to you by the Barefoot Bagpiper. Made by a bagpiper, for a bagpiper

Product Features

  • Wallace Bagpipes standard practice chanter made in Scotland by Craig Munro of Wallace Bagpipes. This a great full size chanter, engraved with traditional yellow hemp joint and engrave with the manufacturer’s logo
  • The College of Piping Tutor Book 1 new latest edition for beginners. This is arguably the best tutor book on the market. Was first published in 1953. This latest edition was release in June 2017. Includes link to online tutorials
  • 2 new and tested quality reeds that are matched in sound to your chanter in breathable storage tube to allow to dry out after use and avoid any mould or smells from dampness
  • Barefoot Bagpiper lightweight breathable carry case to allow your chanter to dry out after use. Easy to fit in any bag. Ideal for travel or commuting
  • This is the perfect bundle for everyone from first time learners through to experienced bagpipe players. Brought to you by the Barefoot Bagpiper, made by a bagpiper for a bagpiper