Perfect for any small space, the 3 x 3 walk-in VocalBoothToGo Acoustic Vocal Booth is a portable vocal booth with a single-wall design for applications needing acoustic room treatment. This acoustic booth creates a “dead” space for consistent and clear audio recordings.

With a footprint of 3′ x 3′ and the height of 80 inches, this full-size vocal booth is a perfect walk-in booth to use in any room. It is easy to dissemble and assemble without the use of tools and can be stored easily.

A great tool for voice actors, musicians and other audio recording professionals, this booth serves as a great recording studio-on-a-budget and also for on-the-road warriors.

Product Features

  • Built in acoustic room treatment featuring Producer’s Choice sound blankets which creates a “dead” space for audio recording.
  • Changeable wall configuration — shape and transform the booth to different shapes.
  • No tools required \ Assembles in minutes.
  • Easily portable and fits inside a regular size car when disassembled for portability.
  • Corner bars and bass traps