Mugig Violin is committed to bringing best experience to all the music and violin lovers. This 4/4 size violin is of pretty retro color and elegant looking, which is certainly a good choice for you looking for differences.

This violin is made of white pine top and maple necks, backs and sides, which produce much better resonance than other tone wood.
Ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and special alloy tail with 4 integrated fine tuners.
High quality steel wire string and Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair.
The whole violin is totally handcrafted and half-handmade paint, making surface smooth and nice hand feeling for you.

Top: Spruce
Fingerboard: Ebony
Pegs and chin rest: Ebony
Necks, backs and sides: Maple
String: Steel wire
Technology: Whole handcrafted

1.Just like all of other new violins, you may need to re tune the strings fist few times when you start to play.
2.When cleaning, please using soft cloth to clean the body and string, and loose the hair of the bow after playing.
3. Pushing pegs inside before returning and it will help to keep strings in tune.

Product Features

  • Adoption Italian Stradivari classic violin shape,Beautiful in appearance,Play more comfortably,Sounds better.Use high quality wood with a dryness of less than 10 degrees.,The production technicians are handmade by professional craftsmen who have been making piano for more than 10 years.Exquisite workmanship,Beautiful lines.
  • Professional ebony violin.Fingerboard, chin rest, handle and other accessories use natural dried ebony wood,toxic free and safe,Feel better,Not easily deformed,Direct contact with human face and skin surface,Especially suitable for children.Using new metal strings,Clear pronunciation,Saturation and mellow sound quality,Professional technicians one-on-one carefully carved horse,Make the vibration of the performance more complete and perfect.
  • Better ponytail and bow.Adopting authentic Mongolian horsetail,And the number of ponytails in the bow is more than 180,Unique bow and ponytail inlay technology,Completely eliminate bow hair loss,The copper screws of the bow make it easier to tighten,Bow body material makes the elasticity more,Fully satisfying the playing style of various tracks,Including difficult jumping bows, bows and other playing skills
  • More convenient to adjust and stabilize the handle.Made of high quality ebony wood,All manual drilling,According to the Italian classic piano taper,Hand-match one by one,It has been coated with lubricating powder at the factory,Easy to adjust and stable to play,Make the performance of the violin more stable.
  • Beautifully packaged, lightweight and safe,The zipper and the slider on the case are specially tested,Ensure that the zipper feels more comfortable.1 year manufacturer quality assurance,Lifetime warranty, no worries.Must be a perfect instrument purchase experience,It can also be used as a musical gift as a birthday gift, both high-end and elegant.