This listing includes the Vietnamese Dragon Gong and stand of your choice. A mallet is included.

The Vietnamese culture loves dragons. And we love gongs. So these Vietnamese Dragon Gongs are a perfect match for us!

These Dragon Gongs from Vietnam are made of bronze and the Dragon image is etched into the bronze. The center “bell” or “nipple” helps create a clear, beautiful tone when struck. Smaller gongs will have high, clear tones. As the gongs get larger, the tone gets lower and deeper.

✯✯✯✯✯ The Gong Stands Offered: ✯✯✯✯✯

High C Gong Stand for 10″ Gong:
Height: 17″
Width: 12″
Depth of Feet: 10″

High C Gong Stand for 12″ Gong:
Height: 20″
Width: 15″
Depth of Feet: 10.5″

Woodsonic Gong Stand for 10″-12″ Gong:
Height: 16.5″
Width: 16″
Interior Width: 14″
Depth of Base: 5″

Eternal Present Gong Stand for 12″ Gong:
Height: 19″
Width: 19.5″
Depth of Base: 5″

Zildjian Table-Top Gong Stand for 12″ Gong:
Height: 16″
Width: 16.75″
Depth of Feet: 7″

Au Courant Gong Stand for 14″ Gong:
Height: 20″
Width at Diameter: 19″
Width at Base: 14″
Depth of Base: 4″

Spirit Guide Gong Stand for 17″ Gong:
Length: 29.5″
Height: 28.5″
Depth of Feet: 10″

Spirit Guide Gong Stand for 20″ Gong:
Height: 32.5″
Width: 34″
Depth of Base: 14″

Holding Space Gong Stand for 20″ Gong:
Height: 33″
Width: 30.5″
Depth of Feet: 17.5″

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