Vault electric guitars provide you great bang for your buck. Vault guitars have components and features normally found only in high-end guitars that are much more expensive. By selling directly from factory to customer, Vault bypasses distributor and retailer markups, passing on large savings to customers. The result is a high quality and affordable, feature-rich guitar.

The Vault RG1RW Soloist Electric Guitar exhibits shark-tooth inlays, which add an exquisite appeal to the instrument. Includes a whammy bar for extended playing styles. The chrome plating on the hardware offers the ultimate protection from corrosion, tarnishing and guarantees extreme durability. The basswood construction of the body helps dampen the highs, thus offering smooth and well-rounded tones. The fretboard of the guitar is crafted from maple. The sounds produced by this tonewood variety are characterized by well-defined lows, bright treble notes, and a scooped midrange. This guitar is equipped with an HSH pickup, which provides versatile playability and a wide bass response.

Double Action Truss Rod: Vault guitars use a double action truss rod, which is only available in high-end guitars. It offers the advantage of adjusting the guitar for humid or dry climates. The truss rod can be tightened in both directions and the reverse warp dreaded by guitarists, which causes string buzzing, can easily be fixed.

High-Quality Design Pickups: Low-noise, high-output pickups which give you exemplary sound. All pickups come with saddle adjustment screws.

Product Features

  • Basswood body
  • Maple neck
  • Maple Fretboard
  • Whammy Bar
  • HSH pickup