Vangoa Soprano Ukulele Spalted Maple UK-21SME 21 inch Acoustic Electric Ukulele Beginner Bundle 3 Band EQ with Picks, Nylon Strap, Pick Container, Tuner, Kazoo, Extra Strings, Finger Shaker and Gig Bag

Vangoa is a new brand of musical instrument. As one of the featured product, Vangoa ukulele committed to satisfied with most players’ demands. Light weight, cost-effective price and complete accessories are three main characteristics of Vangoa ukulele. Whether you are a ukulele lover or a ukulele beginner, fine craftsmanship and appearance design of Vangoa ukulele absolutely deserves to be your optimal choice for personal usage or gift giving.

1. Size: Soprano / 21 inch
2. Material: Spalted Maple
3. String: Aquila
4. Button: Metal
5. Weight: 3.57 pounds
6. Package Dimensions: 65x25x5cm/ 24.8x10x4.8 inch
Kindly notes: Ukulele’s picks would be sent in random colors

Package Included:
1x 21″ Spalted Maple Soprano Electric Ukulele
1x Carry Bag for Ukulele
4x Extra Ukulele String (not Aquila)
1x Pick Container
3x Ukulele Pick
1x Nylon Strap for Ukulele
1x Finger Shaker

Product Features

  • 1.STUNNING DESIGN- decorated with abalone shell edge, clear natural flavor spalted maple wood grain, each ukulele is one-of-a-kind.
  • 2.TWO PLAYING METHODS SUITABLE- 21 inch long can perform solo or accompaniment.
  • 3.SUITABLE for STAGE PLAYING- equipped with 3 Band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble), can be used for tuning as well.
  • 4.AQUILA STRING- sensitive sensation and comfortable touch, durable and high quality tone.
  • 5.COST-EFFECTIVE- contains beginner kit, economical and practical. Kindly notes: Ukulele’s picks would be sent in random colors.