Handmade Traditional Xinjiang Uyghur Khushtar / Violin

The Khushtar’s beautiful form and resonate sound has made it a mainstay of Uyghur Orchestras. In recent years, it has also gained in popularity among mainstream Chinese as well as with many Westerners.

The Khushtar is named for the carved handmade bird that is placed on top of the handle. Khush means bird, and tar means strings. The sound of a Khushtar is very clear and resonate, reminiscent of a birdsong.

The Khushtar evolved, in ancient Kashgar, from the venerable Ghijek instrument, taking on the lower tones as its specialty. In ancient times, during the heyday of the Silk Road, the Khushtar was called the Ashtar.

Amazingly, this musical instrument was actually lost for some generations. However, after meticulous research, the Khushtar has been brought back to the forefront and is crafted once again according to tradition.

* Item #: XJWEYQ101(70cm)
* Overall Size: 70cm version
* Condition: All Handcrafted, Brand New, Solid Wooden Box Included

This 70cm version is all handcrafted and is on custom order basis requiring two weeks for professional crafting and tuning. It is ideal for serious learner / regular player.

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Product Features

  • 100% Authentic – All Handcrafted and Tuned by Genuine Uyghur Musican
  • Hard to Find Professional Level !
  • Packaged by tailor-made large heavy solid wood box for the best protection
  • Ship Via Courier Express
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