Handmade Traditional Xinjiang Uyghur Ghijek / Violin

The word tambur comes from the Arabic ‘tunbur’, and it is widely believed that this comes from the Sumerian word ‘pantur’, a semispherical stringed instrument with a long stem. Another view is that it comes from the words (tabla, tabl, tabul etc.) for percussion instruments that have been used since the very earliest times. There is mention in the Hittite civilization of a stringed instrument called a ‘TIBULA’. It is generally agreed that this was in all probability a long-stemmed stringed instrument. Texts from those times reveal that it was used to accompany the spoken word and dancing.

* Item #: XJWEYQ105(60cm)
* Overall Size: 60cm version
* Condition:All Handcrafted, Brand New, Silk Thread Case Included

This 60cm version is all handcrafted – ideal for learner / regular player; For professional player, try 125cm.

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Product Features

  • 100% Authentic – All Handcrafted and Tuned by Genuine Uyghur Musican
  • Hard to Find Professional Level !
  • Packaged by tailor-made large heavy solid wood box for the best protection
  • Ship Via Courier Express
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