The Banjolele is a four stringed instrument with a small banjo type body and a fretted concert size Ukulele neck that was very popular in the ’20s & ’30s. It features the distinctive sound of a banjo and the small scale tuning and playing style of a Ukulele. The instrument uses standard Ukulele tuning of G-C-E-A.
Specifications: 23 Inch
Panel Material: Mahogany wood
Paint Effect: Matte
Neck:  Sapele
Back and Side:  Sapele
Hemming Material: ABS
Strings: Nylon strings
Total length: 585mm (23.03″)
Drum size: 215mm (8.46″)
Distance from nut to 12th fret About 196mm (7.716″)
1 x 23 Inch Banjo