This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Wind Gong is fully lathed, all shiny. It also does not have a rim; it is flat on the edge. This design gives the Wind Gong its splashy celebratory tone when struck with a quick fast attack. However, larger wind gongs (32″ and bigger) have a lot more sonic flavors, overtones and harmonics, unique pockets of tone that can sound like analog synthesizers with long sustain.

The 6″ Wind Gong produces a clear, melodious bell tone making it perfect for piercing the void. It has been proven suitable for leaders of every stripe including classroom teachers. School-age children find the tone of 6″ Wind gong quite entrancing and approachable. (Approachability- a great quality in a leader- and a gong.) Let’s give the little leaders of tomorrow a leg-up by giving them a 6″ Wind Gong. That’s a Truth they can take home to Mother and her Void. Verily then, the Student will become the Master.

Enjoy a longer story of the 6″ Wind Gong here.

The 7″ Wind Gong is strikingly similar to its friends of 6″ and 8″. With a clear tone, this gong will leave you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. No, this does not mean you will become a squirrel or a fox or even a bunny with a fluffy bun on its bum. But you may feel a bit more calm inside and henceforth go outside where the bushy-tailed creatures may feel more safe to come and sniff around beside you. Once step closer to peace between all critters. That is what we hope gongs can do in you.

We’re working on getting a sound file for this gong. Until then you can always set up an appointment to call and listen. Give us a call at 402-474-GONG (4664) or contact us here.

The 8″ Wind Gong is for you folks that need a beautiful sounding gong that is small, doesn’t cost much, and still packs a sonic punch.

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