This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

Made exclusively for Gongs Unlimited, our line of Subatomic Gongs is the perfect option for your collection of sound healing tools.

A simple metaphor: Subatomics are to our Chau Gong as the black keys on a piano are to the white.

The Subatomic creates a more mystic tone when struck, with a more complex overtones. Often, striking it in the different concentric rings will give you a slightly different tone each time, adding to the mystique of these gongs.

For those using it to heal, the Subatomic gong is wonderful for helping face tough internal issues with aplomb. It helps move those darker energies out. These gongs will allow you to tap into your reserve of strength to heal and grow into a greater person.

You can’t go wrong with these gongs. Beautiful on both a musical and aesthetic level, these gongs will improve your home and your life.

The 8″ Subatomic Gong rings clear and true. It’s a particle of delight, actually a wavicle of delight, since now we know subatomic particles behave both like particles and waves.

So get your particles moving with a little Subatomic Gong sound wave. They will thank you! You might even get some quarks that were bringing you down out or bring some charmed ones in. You might just smile. We don’t know! The possibilities are Unlimited.

The 10″ Subatomic Gong is a gong that you can’t get anywhere, from anyone, because it is custom made for Gongs Unlimited. Designed to have a unique sonic signature, one that is more bell-like than a regular Chau Gong, with overtones that feel tighter, the 10″ Subatomic Gong is a special and fun gong that can fix almost everything that ails you better than Tylenol.

It is like a pill in Bronze form! But don’t swallow it… because you can’t digest it like a pill!

Product Features

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