This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Chau Gong is iconic in appearance. It is what many people see in their mind’s eye when they think of a Chinese Gong. The bull’s-eye design is created by the metal lathing between the rim of the gong and the center.

The Chau Gong will start deep, and is helped by the rim on the edge, but the lathing allows for a good crash as well. Chau Gongs with diameters of 26″ and larger can create deep tones that sustain, and are perfect for announcements and celebrations, as well as sound healing, or just plain fun!

The 7″ Chau Gong possesses a simple bell-like tone which pierces the mists of history and induces a sense of victory over every man/lion/tiger hybrid we have met.

The 8″ Chau Gong is small, but this is the only gong to be inspired by the MTV-era Rock Music Fellowship, Van Halen! And that means it’s loud! So when you play this 8 incher, you will be a member of GONG HALEN! Buy this gong and become the David Lee Roth of your universe. And sing this song to the tune of “Jump.”

Well can’t you see me gonging here / I’ve got my mallet against the record machine / I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen. / Oh can’t you see what I mean?

Might as well gong. Gong! / Might as well gong. / Go ahead, gong. Gong! / Go ahead, gong.


The 10″ Chau Gong got us thinking about Cyndi Lauper the other day. You may recall her, Cyndi Lauper, of the bright-tressed, weird voiced time called the 1980’s. We think she summed up our world when she sang her song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Gong”:

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear, it’s not boys, I like my gongs well hung
And girls they want to have GONG

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