This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The totally great thing about our Atlantis Gongs is that each one looks slightly different. The gong making process allows for the science of metallurgy to mix with the art of the gongmaker to mix with the magic of fire to create each one of these gongs!

So why are they called Atlantis Gongs?

We call these gongs Atlantis Gongs because we imagine, if our film director/submariner James Cameron, were to discover Atlantis in one of his old up and downs in the Marianas trench, and he was to bring up a gong from there it would look like our Atlantis Gong. A cool thing about Atlantis Gongs is each one looks different. That’s part of the process of how they are made. So the one you get is going to be your special one that no one else has.

The 6″ Atlantis Gong splashes out a refreshing wake-up tone! While some love that kind of wet awakening…cats do not.

Now, a lot of folks don’t realize that while the ancient human race was suffering through the collapse of Atlantis, the feline race was suffering through what they call, “Catlantis.” And while we may have collective unconscious memories of both the technological wizardry as well as the extreme egotism that led to our demise, the felines felt it was a greater cat-astrophe for them, as well, they… HATE GETTING WET!

When modern day cats imagine millions of their ancestors sinking to the bottom of the ocean… it’s enough to make them cataleptic! And they blame Catlantis all on us!

The 8″ Atlantis Gong rings a big reminder of the power of the sea and the magic you may find there. Salt is a cleansing element and it is what gives this gong its unique design. No two Atlantis gongs look the same! With their rough, unlathed exterior, the 8″ Atlantis holds a clear tone with splashes of unexpected vibrations.

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