Unime 5A Maple Wood Drumsticks

Features :
– Drumsticks are made of high quality oak wood
– They are flexible, fast response and durable
– Designed for long term daily use
– Waterproof bag: effective to prevent water damage from rain to the drumsticks

Drumstick material: oak wood
Package included: 3 pairs drumsticks
Drumstick size: 40.6cm / 16 inches
Storage bag size: 8 × 45cm / 3.2 × 17.7inches

Application: suitable for any crowd, you can beat a very clear grainy,
whether jazz, pop, light rock, fusion music and so on are still appropriate

Product Features

  • Package Includes: 3 pairs of 5A oak wood drumsticks.
  • TYPE: Standard 5A , Length 16″(40.5cm) Diameter 0.570″(14.5mm) Caliber 0.255″(6.5mm)
  • Drumsticks are made of high quality oak wood, flexible, fast response, and durable.
  • Drumsticks have polished surface which is not slippery and will not hurt hands, comfortable grip.
  • 5A drumsticks are suitable for all types of drum styles. Can be used by students, adults, orchestra players.