The APEX Series Keyboard Stands represent over two decades of research and development and are used all over the world by gigging keyboard players and touring musicians. T The APEX Series is the finest looking keyboard stands on the market, and shine the spotlight on keyboard players, while securely supporting their prized instruments. APEX AX 48 Pro Product Breakdown: Simple Setup and Tear Down Accessory Slot for Optional Add on Sleek, New Design APEX quality Features Professional Tri bar Arms Simple Setup and Tear Down Setup and tear down takes seconds. The AX 48 Pro breaks down into a single, slender unit that’s easy to transport and takes up very little room because the hollow column becomes its own carrying case. The legs remain connected and slide into and out of the base of the column, and the arms that support your keyboards are stored in compartments at the top of the column. Accessory Slot for Optional Add on. The APEX AX 48 Pro extends stage and studio performance by providing an Accessory Slot on the top of the stand. Simply pop off the Accessory Cap and install the optional AX 48 Pro Mica Boom, for instance, and your keyboard stand is now ALSO a microphone stand.

Product Features

  • Simple Setup and Tear Down
  • Accessory Slot for Optional Add-ons
  • Sleek, New Design
  • APEX-quality Features
  • Professional Tri-bar Arms