Material: Sapele
Dismount: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Size: 21inch/23inch/26inch


1* Ukulele;
1* Gig Bag;
1* Tuner;
1* Strings;
1* Guitar Capo;
1* Picks

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY — Using high quality material,the latest craftsmanship along with experienced craftsman,we are now offering a smooth and accurate ukulele with best quality and amazing sounding!
  • GREAT SOUNDING — The concert ukelele is high quality ukulele model which make sure the melodious music comes out from the soft touch the strings and fingertips, which help you feel the beauty of music, and feel the beauty of the world.
  • STAY IN TUNE — All ukulele are repeatedly tuned. If the sound is not accurate enough, you can use the tuner of the package to tune the ukulele.The tuner help you make sure the ukulele will keep staying in tune!
  • 6 IN 1 KIT — Comes with ukulele bag, ukulele strap, carbon nylon string and digital clip-on tuner,ukulele picks, guitar capo,cleanning cloth as gifts. It contains whatever you need for ukulele!
  • SIZE — 21inc/23inch/26inch ukulele. Choose the size you need! 100% Customer Satisfaction & Quality Warranty!