This Ukulele is the Spruce & Zebra Wood version of one of the BEST SELLING Ukuleles on Amazon. From the Brand Lohanu which has the most 5 star reviews on Amazon for Ukulele!

  • A Beautiful Looking Ukulele made with very high quality materials, Laminate Spruce & Zebra Wood, Handmade Deluxe Bindings.
  • An Amazing Sounding Ukulele at this price! NO buzzing noises, NO tuning problems even when you play higher frets, has a Big, Clear, Warm & Bright Sound, features an Arched Back.
  • Includes all these FREE accessories: 1. A High Quality Accurate Tuner, battery included, 2. A Good Padded Sturdy Bag, 3. A Brown Colored Polyester Ukulele Sized Strap, 4. Two Picks, 5. A Pick Holder with sticker in the back, 6. Aquila Super Nylgut Strings Installed, the Best Ukulele Strings, 7. Extra Set of Aquila Strings, 8. Paracord Ukulele Hanger
  • Two Strap Buttons Installed! It’s so much easier to play and change the chords with a strap.

Comes with a UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY For Ukulele & All Accessories!!!

No Risk, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Backed Up By Our AWESOME, AMAZING, BEST Customer Support from a CANADIAN Company!!!

FREE Online Video Lessons!
Beginner’s Lesson
  • How To Tune Your Ukulele Video
  • Super Catchy & Fun Must Learn ‘Hawaiian Songs’!

We Cannot Guarantee This Pricing and The Free Bonuses For Long. So Purchase Today!


Product Features

  • NEW PRODUCT! Promotional Price! Spruce Version of one of the BEST SELLING Ukuleles on Amazon! High Quality at Low Price! Soprano size is the original ukulele size and most portable. Soprano is good for adults with small hands and children age 8 and under. For most adults and children age 9 and up we recommend the concert size.
  • UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY for Ukulele & All Accessories!!! BEST Customer Service from a CANADIAN Company!! FREE Bonus Ukulele Video Lessons!
  • AMAZING SOUND! Sounds so much better than a cheap soprano ukulele, and very close to a high end ukulele! Features an Arched Back to give longer sustain & fuller sound! Spruce top has a bit more brighter sound than our Sapele version.
  • TWO STRAP BUTTONS INSTALLED! All ACCESSORIES INCLUDED! (Strap, Tuner, Case, 2 Picks, Pick Holder, Extra Set of Aquila Strings, Paracord Ukulele Hanger) Don’t spend an extra $10-15 just to have someone install strap buttons on your ukulele. All accessories and labor can easily cost $50
  • A BEAUTIFUL LOOKING UKULELE: 21 inches long, Laminate Spruce Top, Zebra wood Back & Sides, Rosewood Fingerboard, Super Aquila Strings Installed (Best Ukulele Strings), Handmade ABS Bindings, Chrome die cast tuning gears keeps ukulele in tune!