Recommend Use: Teens,Girl,Music Lover Who Want a Soprano Uke (21″ Which is a Small Body)
Skill Level: Beginner
String: Aquila Origin from Italy
Top Material:Laminated Zebra Wood
Back & Side : Laminated Zebra Wood
Neck: Okoume from Africa
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Number of Fret: 12
Fret Wire Material: Cupronickel
Saddle: Bone
Tuning Peg: 1:14 Chrome Sealed
Length: 21″
Width at Nut: 1.38″ / 35 mm
Width at 12 Fret: 1.77″ / 45 mm
21″ Uke has a Small Body, The Sound of a Soprano Uke Mainly Depends on The String’s Vibration,So as a Beginner,You Need Not Worry About the Laminated Soundboard ,It’s Really Not a Big Problem.
Package include
1 x Soprano Ukulele
1 x Ukulele Tuner
1 x Ukulele String
1 x Ukulele Bag
1 x Ukulele Strap
1 x Ukulele Felt Pick
3 x Guitar Picks
1 x Ukulele Pick Case
1 x Guitar Capo
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Ukelele Rhythm Shaker

Product Features

  • Full Set:Buy One and Get 10 Ukulele Accessories for Free , Full Set,So You can Quickly get into the Practice
  • Zebra Wood Bod : Beautiful Zebrawood Body+Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge ,Beginner’s Standard Configuration
  • NO Scratch Hand: Smooth Fingerboard Edge and Accurate Fret Wire Length Make it Smoothly to Hold on.That is Very Important for a Beginner.
  • Prestigious String: Aquila . Origin from Italy Which is the Guarantee of a Well Intonation
  • Easy Re-String: Tied String at Bridge So You can Restring a String Easily if You are a Beginner