Tycoon Percussion’s 35 Roundback Series Cajons are an innovative product that features a rounded back design with the sound hole adjusted to the side, all of which extends the drum’s already powerful bass tones. The stunning Black Makah Burl front panel gives the drum loud sharp slaps. Each cajon is installed with fully adjustable snares, tunable with the included Allen Wrench. All of Tycoon’s cajons are individually handmade and tested to ensure superior sound quality.

Product Features

  • This innovative cajon features a curved back panel which provides for suprerior bass tones
  • Adjustable snares allow for players to tune their cajon with a standard allen wrench (included)
  • Black Makah Burl wood provides enhanced acoustic tonal qualities
  • Individually hand made and tested to ensure superior sound quality
  • 13.75″ & 20.5″ front plate dimensions