Kit Includes:

  • Baglama Saz
  • Snark Clip-on Chromatic Tuner

    This instrument features 7 strings, two courses of 2 and one course of 3. The nylon frets are movable. A nylon case included. String sets and plectrums are sold separately. Wood coloring and decorations may vary. Approximately 38-40 inches in length, 9-10 inches in width and 10-11 inches in depth. Handmade in Turkey. The most frequently used tuning, from high to low pitch, is: A D G, where A is a 3-string course. Note: Whether you purchase an instrument on-line or from a physical store locally, it is recommended that you change the strings on your new instrument as soon as you receive it. The strings of an instrument both in a store or shipped to you are exposed to air and different environments prior to you receiving it. During this time the strings WILL oxidize, decreasing it’s life expectancy and reducing the quality of it’s sound. On occasion instruments may even arrive with a broken string, therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing your strings as soon as it arrives. Learning to change strings should be the first lesson learned when embarking on the journey of playing a new instrument. Features: Approximately 38-40″ L x 9-10W x 10-11 D Soft Case Included Hand Made In Turkey String sets & plectrums are sold separately Shipped insured Brand New

    Product Features

    • Baglama Saz
    • Chromatic Tuner For Guitar, Lute, Oud, Dulcimer