Model: HEAVY Net Weight: 110 grams / 0.24 lbs HEAVY Model is perfect choice for players who ready to dive inside of sound wideness and warmth. Resonance made with using current booster opens new opportunities to gain own unique sound. Perfect add-on for balance trumpets with heavy equipment on. Do you still have doubts whether you need this new KGUBrass custom trumpet mouthpiece booster or not? Trumpets can sound more unique, more thrilling and more personal if you have this attachment. Music is all about the emotions you express while playing and exactly this booster helps to transfer more energy through your musical instrument, so you have a chance to enjoy a mind-blowing sound. Be sure you’ll experience high register playing with focused tones as you’ve never had before. It’s not late to make a step closer to something new and push the limits of ordinary playing. Another benefit this booster brings is a perfect intonation stability that sets the sound of the entry-level horns even higher. Feel like a professional and be the professional! Deliver a good sound and impress the public during your concerts, parties and other events. Due to the easy installation, you can play with or without this booster depending on a kind of style you choose. No matter who you are – an aspiring musician or a member of the band, it’s a perfect time to add some revolutionary new accessory that can take the way you produce sounds up to the new level. Be one of those lucky persons who experienced all the advantages this booster can bring! The purchase of such a unique helper for trumpeters can’t be delayed any more. Add the item to your cart and get your KGUBrass custom trumpet mouthpiece booster for greater opportunities! Compatible with most popular standard mouthpiece models. (Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Getzen, etc.) (!)Do not match for Heavy/Megatone mouthpieces *mouthpiece not included

Product Features

  • A WELL-FOCUSED AND CONCENTRATED TONE. KGUBrass custom trumpet booster opens the way for more personal sound of your trumpet. You have a chance to check the perfect resonance without dampening the vibration and a clear focus on tone.
  • BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC DESIGN. It will stress every advantage of your musical instrument. Due to the delicate, gorgeous design combining a smooth shape and shiny surface, you’ll see your trumpet in a new way as well as your listeners will do.
  • EASY IN USE. Easy on/off design helps to attach the accessory without any trouble. Make you playing more versatile and powerful, depending on the style of the masterpiece you play.
  • HIGH QUALITY. You receive a well-produced item without a single defect, that is ready to use as the accessory for the entry-level and professional trumpets as well.
  • A NEW WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF. Make your music a powerful flood of emotions to touch and move a listener. You’ll surely improve the way you used to play with the advantages this accessory brings.