Apelila is an excellent and energetic brand in the US. Since we have dedicated to develop Apelila, our product lines are rich and diverse, for example, home furnishing, beauty tool, and musical instrument. At present, we are expanding the brand worldwide with our consistent high quality.


Tone : Bb

Color: Gold

Skill level: Entry Level

Finish: Gold Lacquer

Main material: Brass

Bell diameter: 4.92 inch

Bore size: 0.46 inch

Case: Nylon Padded Case

How to use valve oil properly:

1. Please oil the trumpet valves anytime before you play, in order to prevent accidental damage to the trumpet pistons.

2. Replace the valve without excessive rotation. As you lower the valve, slowly turn it clockwise until it locks into place. The oil will naturally distribute itself when the valves are depressed.

3. Confirm that the valve has been replaced properly by blowing through the instrument. You will also need to apply oil to the small water key about once a month.

Package included:

1 * Trumpet

1 * Digital Tuner (ENO)

1 * Valve oil

1 * Mouthpiece

1 * Strap

1 * Soft Cleaning Cloth

1 * A pair of Gloves

1 * Nylon Padded Case

Product Features

  • 1. High quality- Our trumpet is a high quality brass trumpet, with gold lacquer finish which makes the surface smooth, anti-wear and anti-rust. The silver plated 7C mouthpiece, makes the instrument produce crisp and clear sound and accurate tone . The bell mouth adopts an integrated welding technology to prolong the service life, unequal in performance.
  • 2. Ideal for all players- The tone of trumpet is the popular Bb tone, which is suitable for both beginner and experts, such as students, music fans, band performance and so on.
  • 3. Widely used- The trumpet has a wealth of musical expression and professional skills, so that it is an indispensable instrument in orchestras, percussion band and jazz band.
  • 4. Good design- It has beautiful and well-engineered design combining a smooth shape and shiny golden appearance, supplied with a silver-plated mouthpiece for trumpet.
  • 5. Free accessories- Package includes a trumpet, a digital ENO tuner, a strap, a high-quality nylon padded case which could protect instrument and easy storage, a pair of gloves, a mouthpiece, valve oil and a soft cleaning cloth.