The Trixon Karl Heinz Weimer Vibraphone brings back the mellow, sustaining tone which has made the American Vibraphone the envy throughout the world. Quality silver matte True-Pitch Tone Bars with graduated thickness combine with a butcher-block frame and full-size aluminum pipe resonators for a warm and rich sound. The Vibra Multi-Speed Control Motor gives you the warm vibrato clarity at just the right speed. Features: • 3 Octave Note Range (F3-F6) • Matte-Finish Aluminum Concert Key Bars • Butcher-Block Frame • Triple Reinforced Fully Adjustable Metal Stand • 3″ Casters with Wheel Brake • Oversized Swivel Pedal for Comfortable Pedaling from all Positions • Multi Speed Slide Speed Controller Motor with Silent Pause • Full-Size Aluminum Resonators

Product Features

  • 3 Octave Note Range (F3 – F6), Full Size Aluminum Resonators
  • Matte Finish Aluminum Concert Key Bars
  • Butcher Block Frame with Triple-Reinforced Fully Adjustable Metal Stand
  • 3″ Casters with Wheel Brake. Over-Sized Swivel Pedal for Comfortable Pedalling from Any Position
  • Multi-Speed Slide Controler Motor with Silent Pause