Amazing, Deep Carved Tribal Moon Mask Design. The carving symbolizes how Evil, though prevalent in the world, will always be overshadowed by the forces of love and goodness. Lathe turned for uniform thickness, then followed up with lateral-groove rough surface carvings on the interior bowl to reduce overtones. Skinned with high-quality bleached goat skin. These are considered a quality #2 discount djembe drum. As with any hand made wooden item, there may be imperfections here and there, including areas filled in with wood filler. This does not have a negative impact on the performance or sound of the drum, and if you want to save money, this is an economical route to go.

Product Features

  • Hand-Carved From Legally Harvested, Sustainably Farmed Mahogany Wood
  • 23-24 in. tall, 12-13 in. Head Diameter, 10-11 in. Playing Surface
  • 2 ring system at the head to reduce skin slippage
  • Strong, Durable, Low-Stretch Internally-Braided Alpine Nylon HTB 5MM Rope
  • Ships all tuned up and ready to play with additional tuning instructions enclosed