TreeWorks Chimes is a small company in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in handcrafting chimes (sometimes called bar chimes, wind chimes or chime trees) for drummers and percussionists. “Specializes” is not really accurate; the owner of the company is “obsessed” with chimes. Their instruments are incredibly well made and produce lush, beautiful waves of tone with a sweep of your hand, and they are simple to play. Use your finger to drag along the face of the chime bars just below the hole where the strings are mounted, and let one chime gently drop into the next. TreeWorks Chimes does not recommend using a beater or striker, due to the contact sound it creates. The magic comes from the chime bars touching each other. This Medium Table Top Chime is perfect for classroom and studio settings – All the chime bars come attached to the wooden mantle with Braided CordLoc that holds up to 50 pounds (WE DON’T USE PLASTIC TIES)- Ready to play right out of the box with no assembly required – 3/8-inch thick solid Aluminum/Titanium alloy, polished & T-6 Tempered bars for brilliant tone – Solid Hand-finished Tennessee Hardwood Mantle & base. – With a simple sweep of your hand a wondrous tone is released. It is a calming way to begin meditation. The perfect signal for a teacher to begin class. That extra something you add to the end of the song. There are many uses for this beautiful instrument. No musical training needed. Solid hardwood base makes it easy to set on a desk or music stand without tipping over. Made in Nashville, Tennessee, U. S. A.

Product Features

  • Fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box
  • Solid, oversized wooden base so it won’t tip over
  • Custom Aluminum/Titanium Alloy for clear tone
  • Braided CordLoc that holds up to 50 pounds (No plastic ties)