TreeWorks Chimes is a small company in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in handcrafting chimes (sometimes called bar chimes, wind chimes or chime trees) for drummers and percussionists. “Specializes” is not really accurate; the owner of the company is “obsessed” with chimes. Their instruments are incredibly well made and produce lush, beautiful waves of tone with a sweep of your hand, and they are simple to play. Use your finger to drag along the face of the chime bars just below the hole where the strings are mounted, and let one chime gently drop into the next. TreeWorks Chimes does not recommend using a beater or striker, due to the contact sound it creates. The magic comes from the chime bars touching each other. This TreeWorks Chimes Damper attachment is for the Large Single Row Classic Chimes TRE35, TRE35xo & TRE35rc – Give your single row classic chime the exact sound you are looking for with this adjustable chime damper. You can quickly adjust your chime from light dampening to full mute. Essential for outdoor performances or that quick brush of chime sound when you need it and silence when you don’t. Custom-made for the best-selling TRE35, TRE35xo & TRE35rc. Easy installation with included drill bit and phillips head screws. All you will need is a philips head screw driver and hand drill.

Product Features

  • Designed for the Large Single-Row Classic Chimes TRE35, TRE35xo & TRE35rc
  • Easy installation w/included drill bit and Philips head screws
  • Easily and quickly adjusts your chime from light dampening to full mute
  • Perfect for windy outdoor performances