440HZ CDEFGABC Perfect Sound Therapy Quartz-Clear Color Crystal Harp-Perfect Musical Instrument Including Free Alumina Carrying Box.
Musical Note: Perfect 5th octave CDEFGABC6 in 440HZ Standard(Please Leave message).
Color: Clear.
Gift: 2 Pcs Crystal Mallets and 1 Pcs Rubber Mallet.
Shipment:Within 2 Days Remarks: Although we have chosen the stronger Carton Packing, but we will still meet broken matters always. so we would like to replace the harp crystal tube, then you can install it yourself once received.
Do-Re-Mi Crystal Singing Bowls Factory has professional team for Manufacturing,Tone tuning,Carving,Color Plating and Packing
1-We can produce regular crystal singing bowls, handle crystal singing bowls, chalice&grail crystal singing bowls,crystal singing bells, crystal singing tuning forks, crystal singing Pyramids& Merkaba, crystal singing harp and so forth.
2-We can tone tuning, so any perfect pitch from 3th octave to 4th octave to 5th octave to 6th octave , C C sharp D D sharp E F F sharp G G sharp A A sharp B C and any exact frequency are all available. the standard can be 440HZ or 432HZ.
3-We can carve any design or logo from customer.
4-Color: There are million kinds,we can plate any color, single color ,mixed color or 24k gold or platinum.  

Product Features

  • YOGA teaching & Massage Thetapist
  • 440 CDEFGABC Perfect traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors
  • Free Alumina Carrying Box
  • Perfect 5th octave CDEFGABC6
  • Sound Therapy