Exceptional quality meets elegance. With years of experience in creating beautiful and sturdy cases, Tonareli has carefully crafted and designed the VAFO1001 Graphite viola case to meet the highest standards and demands of violists. An absolutely stunning checkered fiberglass shell not only protects your instrument from inclement weather and sudden temperature changes, but also gives the case a bright, crystalline and metallic finish; hence the name-Graphite. Its interior design features a beautifully padded golden cushion with diamond-pattern stitching along the bottom of the case, and sturdy black padding on the sides to keep your viola nice and snug. The case can safely secure four bows, and it includes two removable accessory pouches. The exterior design features specially padded grips that are comfortable and easy on your fingers. There are two padded shoulder straps with hooks and safety wires, which are much more secure than regular clips. A completely redesigned music bag with screw attachment that can be easily removed and re-attached to the case. This case is truly a work of art that not only protects your beloved instrument, but also meets the highest standards and various demands of violists. Features: Adjustable to fit any viola up to 18″ Only weighs 7.6 lbs. Two padded shoulder straps with specially designed hooks and safety wires Two removable accessory pouches Four bow holders Outstanding insulation properties Uniquely padded handles Detachable music bag included Inside black and gold padding with diamond-pattern stitching Protection blanket

Product Features

  • Adjustable to accommodate violas over 18″, bout widths 11.25″, case weighs 7.6 lbs
  • Two removable accessory pouches, four bow holders, high quality padded backpack straps included with locking carabiners and safety backup wire
  • Two padded handles, detachable music bag included
  • Interior black & gold padding with diamond-pattern stitching
  • Instrument blanket, exterior dimensions 32″ x 12″ x 5.5″, precision-made Tonareli case covers sold separately