1. Character: 18 products
2. Box material classification: plywood
3. Panels, Side Slabs, Backplanes: Congo Sabili
4. Fingerboard, under the code: Rosewood
5. Neck: Okoman Wood
6. Strings: Original Aquila
7. Piano button: metal fully closed
8. Bridge: Rosewood
9. Wrap: ABS ivory
10. Upper and lower pillows: ABS
11. Coating: matte wood color
12. Pickup: None

Product Features

  • Production process innovation, combined with ergonomic design.
  • Wood grain is smooth and natural, emitting warm sound.
  • Metal fully enclosed pegs, better pitch stability, 0 base can easily correct pitch.
  • Aquila original strings enhance the timbre of the timbres while giving a comfortable feel.
  • Rosewood bridge, high hardness is not easy to break off.