Different Size
21-inch: Slender figure and easy to carry.
Sound features: Low volume, well-extended treble, and relatively sparse sound.
Targeted customers: Suitable for petite girls in playing and singing as well as accompaniment.

23-inch: Relatively larger than 21-inch ones, and with longer necks.
Sound features: Balanced audio with grainy and degato feelings.
Targeted customers: Suitable for beginners in singing and playing as well as accompaniment.

26-inch: Appearance much fatter than its 21-inch and 23-inch cousins, with more resonant space, and even longer neck.
Sound features: Good resonance to deliver richer sound and better frequency responses.
Targeted customers: Most suitable for finger-style.

Tips for beginning ukulele players.
1. Get a decent ukulele.
This is the most important one of all when you are serious about wanting
to learn how to play the ukulele.
Remember that you get what you pay for.
2. Have fun!
The ukulele is a fun instrument. Some may call the ukulele a toy, so what,
toys are fun to play with! But it really isn¡¯t a toy at all,
it¡¯s a true instrument and you can do wonderful things with it.
Also don¡¯t make the mistake by thinking that it is an easy instrument,
you will need to practice a lot to master it,
but even when you only know the basics it is already so much fun!
Enjoy playing it and without knowing, you will improve each and every day.

Product Parameters
Style: Concert
Top: Laminated Mahogany
Back&Side: Laminated Mahogany
Neck: Okoume
Fingerboard&Bridge: Rosewood
Machine Head: Chrome Closed
Rosette: Red Tortoise Shell
Binding: Red Tortoise Shell
Saddle&Nut: Bone
Strings: Aquila
Sound Pick-up: None
Finish: Matt Natural

If you have any problem, please contact us first and we will supply the best service.

Product Features

  • Tuning accuracy: Exquisite chromate-treated and fully closed tuner.Features: long use life, and higher tuning stability.
  • Logo technique:Laser engraved and filled with acrylic paint. Features: Never fading and with fine texture.
  • Top, back and sides:Made of premium grade Indonesia mahogany. Features: Even texture, fine-looking exterior, evenly distributed stomata, and superb acoustic performance.
  • Neck:Made of Okoume. Features:After the treatment of precision machine only for high-end ukeleles and secondary hand-polished treatment, the neck feels good in your hands.
  • Fretboard:Made of premium-grade Indonesian rosewood. Features: premium rosewood with high strength, greatly saves your?left hand?playing effort and fatigue, and improves accuracy.