We’re proud to offer you the very best pennywhistle (penny whistle, tinwhistle, etc.) case on the market. We’ve sized this case a bit large for the standard-octave C and D whistles, so it will fit your two-piece low D whistles just fine.

As an added bonus (or as a primary purpose to the case, depending on what you play!) this case also fits most Native American Flutes. The photo shows a variety of C and D whistles, plus a B minor flute. (The whistles and flute shown are for demonstration purposes only, and are not included with your case purchase.)

This exceptional case has six pockets for instruments. You can easily put two or three whistles in a single pocket. With three pockets on each side of the case, we’ve added a padded divider in the middle of the case, just so your instruments don’t scratch each other when the case is closed.

The case will lay flat when opened on all three sides, so your instruments are fully accessible for ease of use. There’s a pocket on the outside of the case for small accessories, and there are two small (flat) pockets inside the case as well.

A shoulder strap is included with your whistle/flute case.

This case is handmade in Woodburn, Indiana in the Folkcraft Instruments workshop. We use the best quality zippers (#10 size – the big, sturdy zipper for long life, made by the YKK company), a coated polyester fabric to keep the water out, and high density open-cell foam for superior impact and thermal protection.

Best of all, this case stands alone (it has handles, of course!), but it also will attach to any of our rigid dulcimer cases. If you have one of our rigid cases, you’ve noticed all of the extra D rings on the front and sides of the case. This flute/whistle bag is designed to attach easily to your dulcimer case. We’ve shown a series of photos that show this case attaching to Folkcraft owner Richard Ash’s dulcimer case. Everywhere that Richard (or you!) goes, the flutes and whistles aut