Relaxing Tibetan Buddhist Prayer for Peace and beautiful minds ” Om Mani Padme Hum” Yoga Meditation Singing Bowl This is an absolutely gorgeous bowl with Great relaxing and beautiful Sound and color . Hand Etched Tibetan Buddhist Prayer for peace on the Face, Tibetan Matra craft(Wisdom And Wealth) Inside and third eye (Remover Of Obstacles) at the Bottom of the bowl.creative exhaustion, nervous tension, psychic debilitation, hyperactivity, general lowered resistance, and migraines. Emotions associated with this chakra include bliss. The function is liberation and the symbol is the lotus flower. The endocrine influence is on the pineal gland. Price includes Om Tingsha 1 wooden leather wrapped striker & cushion . It measures approximately 3.75 inches diameter, 2.25 deep and weighs 400 grams or 13 oz weigh.

Product Features

  • HAND-PAINTED BY ARTISTS at Thamel Mart Design with the most detailed art you have ever seen on any Tibetan singing bowl set; Crafted to perfection for an emotionally calming, healing and long lasting ambient sound
  • SING EASY, RELEASE STRESS Sound healing can be powerful; Which is why we’ve tuned our singing bowl and weighted mallet perfectly together with size, shape and weight in mind; Maximizing sound clarity and accuracy focusing on personal power and self-confidence.
  • SAFE AND SOUND Zero lead is used in our products; You and your family are safe from dangerous materials that so often make their way into metallic alloy mixtures; Our bowls are crafted from the purest metals; A perfect mixture of zinc, copper and tin to create a sturdy brass metallic alloy that will stand the test of time
  • RUST IN SUPERIOR QUALITY Our singing bowls are backed by our manufacturer thirty-day return policy and full refund or placement. THAMEL MART is the authentic Handicraft Manufacturer, Whole seller and retailer of Handicraft from Nepal 3.75 inches Diameter, About 2.25 inches height and 400 grams weight(approximate) (Black Hand printed)
  • INCLUDING FREE Comes with “Om Tingsha” wooden Mallet, and Silk cushionas shown in the Picture.