These beautiful handpainted thunder shaker drums are an example of the primitive instruments used in Bali.  To play this drum, you must hold the tabular piece with the spring hanging towards the ground and rotate your wrist, allowing the spring to move freely.  This will produce an amplification of a thundering sound, like the sound of a thunderstorm.  Pulling on the spring will cause damage to the drum.

We carry an assortment of these and each piece is unique.  You may not receive the one pictured.

Materials: Thick Fiberboard

Dimensions: 11.5″H x 3″W Handmade – Please allow for minor variations

Product Features

  • Handpainted by skilled artisans
  • Produces a loud thunder sound
  • Perfect for any music lover – Price Per Piece (Assortment Shown)
  • Handmade-allow for minor variances and imperfections
  • OMA BRAND- We are the ONLY AUTHORIZED vendor of this Brand on Amazon. Product authenticity/quality NOT guaranteed through any other vendor!