The Tank is the professional trombone case for the serious musician. These cases are an investment in the longevity of your valuable instrument. The Tank is 50% lighter than wooden ATA flight cases. The interior foam design of different foam densities and memory foam is engineered for the professional musician. The TANK cradles your instrument in an incredibly effective cocoon of protection. This is the first light-weight case ever that you can feel comfortable handing over to an airline baggage team; because you know you will get that instrument back at the other end in exactly the same condition as it left your hands. Once your tenor and bass trombones are inside a closed TANK, nothing moves, thanks to two kinds of foam: shock-diffusing and visco-elastic (memory). These two foams help create our system called SIP, or Suspension-in-Place. The TANK allows you to get your saxophone from home to the gig safely without worry whether it’s via a car, a bus, a plane or a train. The case is made from composite fiberglass and ultra-resistant thermoplastic offer the following benefits Weight/resistance ratio higher than plywood and steel. Water and humidity resistant Ball corners are highly resistant to perforations and violent impacts. Tolerate temperatures ranging from -40 to -80 DegreeC. The walls of the sandwich panels are fused with the core and are therefore unlikely to separate. Suspension in Place Foam Technology. Made of die cut foam and visco-elastic pads (“memory foam”) to fit your instrument and eliminate movement. Made by professional musicians for professional musicians, from symphony orchestra musicians to rock stars, the Tank is the ultimate protective hard case for you instrument.

Product Features

  • The perfect flight case for your Tenor and Bass Trombones
  • 50% lighter than ATA cases
  • Memory foam interior cradles your instrument