Product Features

  • NEW!!! The Feather Soul was designed for the Harmonica, Blues Harp and Jaw Harp Musician in mind. First of its kind…The Feather Soul gives you complete mobility without impeding the use of your fingers and hands…practically hands free! It gives the amplification you desire with perfect, natural tone never seen or heard before. It is so light you won’t even know it’s there!!
  • Each Feather Soul active pickup system includes the Patented Saddle-Clip. The Saddle-Clip was designed to securely and comfortably clip to the soft soul band and saddle the Flexible Micro-Goosneck at the same time! It attaches and detaches quickly and easily!
  • Equipped with a belt/strap clip, the active/preamp can be part of you on stage! Need volume adjustment? No problem! It’s just a short reach away. If you prefer, it can be attached to a strap or equivalent. Each “Feather” Active Pickup System includes a 48″ long light-weight signal cord that gives more than enough play for movement when performing!
  • Please visit: myerspickups for more information, videos and more products!!!
  • The Feather Soul is equipped with a 6″ Flexible Micro-Gooseneck that can be easily and simply adjusted to fit your playing style. Never before has there been such a light weight system so adaptable for the harmonica player in mind. You will instantly feel the freedom the Feather Soul gives you. So much so, you wont even know it is there.! Each active system comes with the neoprene soul finger band. You will finally have the comfort with the perfect sound and tone. The patented saddle-clip snugly fits the soul band to make it the perfect combination any harmonica player desires.