The American made Tenbrooks Legacy is the cutting edge of banjo tone. The Kruger Tone Ring in this banjo is made by a 600 year old bell foundry in Switzerland and is the only tone ring of it’s kind ever made. The Tenbrooks banjos are the only banjos ever made with a “classical purity of tone”. This banjo will blend with classical instruments in an orchestral performance or string quartet and yet, the skilled soloist can take the lead and be heard when needed. In bluegrass performance, this banjo’s tone purity and clarity, will project through the other instruments, but never sound harsh or tinny. This banjo answers more needs for professional and amateur players than any other banjo. If you need a banjo that offers “classical purity” of tone, more expressiveness and responsiveness for the ultimate musical expression, you must have a Tenbrooks Legacy banjo by Deering. There is nothing like it.

Product Features

  • Swiss-made Kruger Tone Ring
  • Mahogany Neck and Resonator with reddish brown stain
  • Ebony finger board with mother of pearl inlays
  • Unique resonator depth
  • Un-plated tone ring to enhance tone ring vibration and response.